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Four games into the season the fourth ranked Cortland lacrosse...

Updated: March 25, 2011, 13:25


CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Four games into the season the fourth ranked Cortland lacrosse team has held its opponents to just 2.5 goals per game.

In a sport dominated by offense, it's the Red Dragons defense leading the way for the division three powerhouse.

The Cortland Red Dragon defenders say their ability to communicate and share information with each other on the field is the reason why they have are having success.

Eric Parah, a Cortland senior midfielder and defense man, said, "I think it's something special here. Growing up in high school communication isn't quite there, at other levels communication isn't big, but it's the one thing that we really strive to make sure it's the one thing we always have regardless of the situation."

Shane Crossett, a Cortland senior defender, said, "It's a pretty close team, a lot of guys are real close to each other off the field. Being close off the field helps us be close and that leads to communication that you heard out here."

Their concentration on communication is no fluke. Head coach Steve Beville preaches communication as key to playing good defense.

"Playing defense is all about communication. Things like talking, helping each other out, sliding to cover. That solves a lot of problems when you can do that, and the other thing is we're pretty talented too."

The goal in Cortland is always to reach the national title game and the Dragon defenders say keeping opposing teams out of the goal will go along ways to help them accomplish their goals.

Parah said, "We take very big pride in stopping the other team and not allowing them to score, and the more we do that the better we become, and the more confident we become, and as we get more confidence we get stronger and we feel like we get much tighter as a unit and it's harder to beat us."

Crossett said, "There's not a lot of stats for defense, so there's a lot of just heart and pride, not getting beat. Doing your job."

If the task it to make it a challenge for opposing offenses to score, then the Cortland defense is doing their job pretty well.


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